Tips for Sourcing Wholesale Donuts for Your Coffee Shop

To those who love a quiet ambience that’s perfect for introverts who can inhale a whole book in one sitting along with the stimulating aroma of freshly brewed coffee enveloping the air and the a sweet, classy jazz music playing in the background, a nice coffee shop on an urban street is surely a perfect dream business for you. Why not read more on how to start one?

This simple laid-back hangout place is actually pretty versatile as to the reasons why people would love to stay there for hours. For the grown-up guys, it’s their go-to place for business meetings. It’s their ideal place to meet clients, discuss proposals or just brainstorm for an upcoming project. All of these, by the way, call for a perfectly brewed coffee and a quiet space.

Some dating couples would prefer the intimate setting that cafes feature. They love how they can talk there for hours, which of course, isn’t possible and tolerable in most fast-food chains. Teenagers, on the other hand, are crazy about instagrammable frappes, lovely interiors and photogenic cakes that are indeed super delicious in real life. And that’s not all—they love the after-school chatter with their friends over some pasta and a tall glass of Frappuccino.

Anyone who’s seeking for solitude can easily run to a coffee shop and find it there. Any coffee shop is also definitely a haven to digital nomads who love packing up their work and taking it outside for an extra boost of concentration and productivity. Find out more:

Being a coffee shop owner, you’ll love seeing diverse individuals who walk into your place for those reasons. That’s exactly the reason why you need a lot of planning and creativity when putting up this kind of business. You need to make sure you’re offering the most ideal amenities, products and services to your loyal customers as well as first-timers who stumbled upon your café.

Speaking of which, you know for sure how coffee shops have immensely evolved in the past few years. Nowadays, they aren’t just known to serve hot and cold drinks. They also need to come up with a great menu that offers a wide range of food choices, from pastries and sweet delights to pastas and sandwiches. If you fall short on any of that, your coffee shop could be deemed boring.

But what if you don’t have any equipment or manpower to be able to do everything on your menu from scratch? No worries. You can simply source some items on your menu from various suppliers. For example, you can buy pastries such as donuts from an independent baker or bakeshop. But how do you choose one?

1. Find one that offers products relevant to your menu and overall concept.

Do you have Hello Kitty-themed café? Why not find a donut maker who can artistically design Hello Kitty donuts? If you aim to feature Japanese culture and flavors, make sure you source wholesale donuts that feature a touch of unique Japanese local flavors. Do things like matcha and sakura ring a bell?

2. They should offer something that would answer your target market’s needs.

For example, part of your target market are health-conscious folks whose diets revolve around everything vegan. Why not find a supplier who has some interesting recipes on creating a healthier version of donuts? For example, you can find a bakeshop or independent baker who knows how to make gluten-free vegan version of this sugary delight.

3. The supplier has proper documentation for his business.

Business is business. We should be serious about proper documentation including proper licenses and permits to operate. For a food business, additional requirements such as sanitary permit is necessary. Make sure your preferred supplier has all of the needed documents.

This is also for your own good. You wouldn’t want to be blamed or linked to unhygienic food preparation practices. Most of all, you want your business to stick to the legal requirements of the state. Opening up a coffee shop is indeed and exciting idea. However, you’ll also need to plan carefully when it comes to the legal requirements as well as the menu, equipment and needed suppliers. Find the best donut supplier now!