Besides Boosting Mood, Eating Ice Cream Can Help Eliminate Stress

Ice cream is a sweet snack that is liked by many individuals. Of course, every country has ice cream with a unique taste and unique shape, it is even a culinary must-try when visiting that country.

However, many of us certainly don’t know what benefits we get after consuming ice cream, right? And where can I get spumoni ice cream?

After undergoing a number of tests, it is claimed that ice cream increases alpha waves in the brain. This condition has been associated with reduced stress levels and increased alertness.

However, there has not been any specific chemical content in ice cream that triggers an increase in this condition.

Improve Mood

But ice cream can be one of those simple things that can boost your mood for the better. That’s because ice cream is included in the category of snacks or sweet snacks.

Apart from that research, now ice cream is part of the lifestyle. Usually ice cream is a topping for many menus. Starting from drinks to food.

Generally, the ice cream variant that most women like is the strawberry flavor. Besides having an attractive color, strawberry ice cream gives a different taste sensation, slightly sour, not too sweet, but feels soft on the tongue.

Ingredients Strawberries

From this variant, it turns out that the facts about strawberries are revealed. The fruit, which when ripe is red, is widely distributed in various countries, including Indonesia, which is known to be rich in nutrients, such as vitamin C, ellagic acid, vitamin A, and vitamin E.

Strawberries are low in sugar, so they can fight arthritis. The iron and potassium content of strawberries are known to be very effective in suppressing or overcoming high blood pressure.

Another interesting benefit of strawberries is that they are able to ward off free radicals that cause acne, premature aging, and maintain brain health.… Read More..

Love Ice Cream? This is a Series of Good Benefits

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Almost all people in all corners of the world will love this sweet, cold snack. Generally, this milk-based dish can be enjoyed in a cup or cone form. Some foods also often use ice cream as a companion which is proven to increase the taste, such as pancakes.

Recently, there have been more and more specialty restaurants serving spun ice cream. The ice cream sold consists of various interesting flavors and toppings. It doesn’t have to be a child, even adults will be tempted to taste it. Even now, there are ice cream companies that serve spumoni ice cream shipped so you don’t have to be tired out of the house to get ice cream.

Besides being delicious, ice cream also provides a number of benefits..”

Even though many like it, it turns out that not a few people actually avoid ice cream because they are worried about increasing body weight. Even though 10% of ice cream is fat, that doesn’t mean all fat is bad.

The fat contained in ice cream is a good fat that does not cause obesity. So, consuming enough ice cream will not make you fat.

Even in terms of calories, ice cream only contributes about 110. In addition, many also argue that consuming ice cream can cause flu along with fever.

This opinion is actually not quite right. Because according to health experts, the emergence of the disease is more due to bacterial and viral infections originating from food, drink, or the surrounding environment.

Of course, ice cream is not the culprit. Secretly, ice cream provides quite a lot of benefits for the body. Curious? Check out the full explanation below:

1. Adequate Vitamin Intake

Not only is it delicious, but every serving of ice cream is, in fact, full of vitamins. Among others are vitamins A, D, K, and B12.

All these vitamins have a very good role for the human body. Like vitamin A to maintain eye health, vitamin D which can absorb calcium and nutrients that are channeled to the kidneys, and vitamin K to increase blood flow.

2. Energy Booster

Ice cream has a very high nutritional value. Starting from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The three of them are of course important as a source of energy to support the activities of everyone who consumes them.

Research also shows eating ice cream at breakfast can improve mental performance, especially in children.

3. Rich in Calcium

Milk is the basic ingredient for making ice cream. Whatever the type, ice cream always contains milk which incidentally provides a lot of calcium intake.

The benefits are of course very good for bone strength and health. The calcium in ice cream can also protect teeth and build strong gums, you know.

So, it’s not just the bones that benefit greatly.

4. As a Mood Booster

Ice cream can actually act as a mood booster because it contains Thrombin. Thrombin is a happiness hormone and helps in reducing … Read More..